Fall From Grace

Not since England captain Steven Gerrard slept with his wife's sister, and/or possibly also an unnamed 16 year old, causing strife, arguments and a split between the England team with John Terry claiming unfair play of his stripped captaincy by Capello, and a consequent shambolic exit by England from the World Cup has there every been such a Fall from Grace as experienced by windsurf extrodinaire Gregg Dunnett.

As Gregg borrowed my old 5.7 for another sail (it was 5.3 weather, Gregg is lacking one of those), can we reminice of the rise and fall of this supreme Boards mag windsurfing journo, boards tester and general legend of a windsurfing bum. Gregg had done it all, from teaching windsurfing to launching the starboard evo into limelight with some infamous test comments. He had the best kit known to man overspilling his shed. Even the Oceansource centre had kit only some dream of. There were times when they hailed kit, and dismissed some brands for being slightly the wrong shade of lemon yellow. How times have changed.
As we sat in Coxy's back garden sipping some post windsurfing homebrew, Gregg's misfortune sadly came to prominence as he was eying up a rusty Tushingham Vulcan 5.2, circa before buddha, that was lying beneath some compost and rusty nails. Coxy saw the sad look in Gregg's eye and pulled it out, not even offering a bigsalty sticker to fix one of the holes, and handing it over to the grateful child, there was a look of solidarity in his eye. The irony is, way before the testing days, Gregg proudly brought one of these home from Minorca sailing to show off. You would think it ends there, but the fall is longer, following footsteps laid by Andy, Steve, myself and many other windsurfing layabouts, tomorrow he has starts a new, very real, tax paying job working for Purbeck District council as a Sustainable Development Officer. In the meantime he assures me that Kimmeridge is just round the corner, and Tushingham have sold out of the new Rock's, but his are in the next delivery...

Coxy, you are next boyo!


  1. Ha Ha. It's not a real job. I'll be back in the Southbourne unemployed club in a couple of months.

  2. haha enjoyed a fun read, niceone, and good luck with the new job greg, we all need luck with our new proper jobs! Clyde-tell me teaching gets easier!?

  3. Did I say that, only in the holidays!! I reckon it takes about 3 years until you get a bit on top of it!


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