Déjà vu

Second day in a row my phone beat my alarm to wake me up. Clyde is super keen but presumably not super popular with the partners of any local windsurfers he rings at 6.30am. Still 4.7 weather is not to be sniffed at in this age of windsurfing austerity. Anyway, Southbourne. Very onshore, windy and small waves. But nit that small when you're half asleep. James, Simon and I all answered the call and skipped breakfast for an early rinsing. I also took a few shots but no time to upload them as I had to run for the train.

I have to do 7.36 hours data entry now but it's good to know I haven't totally missed out.

There's also a few pics from overcoombe yesterday on Rod's blog which I'll steal later if I get around to it. Must go now. Someone's left a copy of Metro and it takes two station stops to read it.


  1. that forward was at the end of a 20ft jump - right!?

    Probably the best sail of the year, shame it was so short


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