James Cox is now taking the foraging thing way out of hand, spending his time wandering the streets thinking he is Bear Grylls. Well he has the pants. Only last Friday he convinced me to go windsurfing in just a pair of shorts. I was warm enough for 20 minutes. I was not so convinced today, Coxy though, likes to windsurf in just a pair of skin coloured shorts, a treat for the old ladies and Spaniards strolling the Bournemouth Seafront. Turns out that Lifeboat tea is also for bears!

Two windsurfs and one Wedding in one week, Emile Kott and Jenny tied the knot on Saturday, set over Chichester Harbour on the hottest day of the year, it was a perfect day for it.
Tomorrow is looking like possibly the best day of the year so far, the plan is to go for pre work and after work sails...

Getting ready for the big I do!