6 Weeks

This is what teaching is all about, a 6 week summer break and an August pay cheque, for hopefully just surfing and windsurfing, which is a bit like the old days, but for a lot more cash! (Of course we do it for the job satisfaction, kids, etc etc).

Actually today I am about to embark on a 24 hr Coach trip taking a load of year 8 and 9 School kids to SW France for their first watersports experience. You can guarantee as a consequence next week will be classic here! I have my surfboard just in case I can sneak off and catch some of Mimizan's breakers. The rest of the summer has James Cox's stag do, which I am now sure how successful I have been in organising, and a travel venture to Somo, near Santander to see what, if any, summer wavesailing that area of Spain offers. I've heard it can be very good!


  1. Hope you enjoy your summer as much I am am enjoying mine... So far we have been away for 15 days already and had wind everyday and some decent waves! I have been doing some slalom too which has been fun, like the old days! Have a good one and keep in touch.


  2. Ah. Somo is a great spot (though on the heavy side so you will need to look after your masts!). Enjoy the trip. One of the better trips when I went with Gregg a few years ago. Remember to include a foolishly unprepared mountain trip in to your itinery too.

    ps Probably best not to bother with a Mundaka SUP session.


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