5 in A row

Could have been 6, but I got way lazy on Sunday.

On Saturday, whilst Gregg was waiting for the Chinese man to arrive and Coxy was building a website promised out of guilt, I managed to persuade Will Eveleigh to stick his Gaastra Flow 1x together with gaffa tape and come out to the Hengistbury Head ledges where there was about a mile of breaking head high waves. It can be flat everywhere, but get a spring tide on an ebb, with a tide against wind and you have a windsurfing playground. We spent a couple of hours blasting up and down picking off plenty of floaty jumps, backside airs and forwards. I did one if front of Will, and he decided to go for one straight off, having never ever tried one before or even any idea of what to do. He went for it, but it was messy, with the edge of the board landing in his thigh - next time I reckon. We then spotted the band of Cox brothers way on the horizon, so did a maxed downwinder to catch them up. Tim Cox still reaquainting himself with the Sputnik 265, but looked on the edge of control in the chop.

There must have been about 20-30 out in the harbour and a similar number off Avon that day, must be the sport to be in these days!