Surfing Stags

Hmm this blog is not what it used to be, life was much better then. They take our wind and our money! Anyway, this week was saved by Emile Kott's stag weekend in Cornwall. Some great paddle boarding and normal surfing, hours on the water and in the sunshine in some perfect waves. Sunday we were out at Crantock, swapping surfboards for paddleboards on the water. Surfing wise you could pick up some lovely lefts in the corner of the bay, whilst on the paddleboard I picked out some big (what felt like big on that massive chunk of plastic) waves from the middle of the bay. Also bumped into Jan Sleigh out on the water in a fluro wetsuit, who I haven't seen for yonks.

Pushed out ex-test editor, Ian Leonard was also down for the stag, in typical Leonard style he bought Moses to the campsite that doesnt allow dogs - (Moses is a dog). At this time of year the Gestapo are out in full force in Cornwall, they don't allow nada. So Gregg and myself felt sorry for the lad and went to seek out a new campsite, breaking away from the main group. Aside from a lot of other rubbish we talked about, we had a good conversation on single v twin. Before Ian was sacked he spent 4 months in Oz testing the mistral twin and mistral single, both had boxes routed in to be either twins or singles! Shame it never got to print, would have made interesting reading.