Those dark days are over......

A long awaited session has helped to ease the frustration of such a poor spring!!
Knowing with all of these modern forecasts the only chance of sailing Llangenith side shore/side off was going to be early it was lucky when Solenne was out of bed early this morning and noticed it was windy. I awoke being given my laptop in bed to check the conditions and asked if I would like a cupa!! Perfect.
I was rigging in Llangenith before 9am, wet and windy-a complete contrast to last weekends small clean surf, sunshine and loads of people!!
Joined by a kite, I had an early session before the wind slowly shifted to cross on and I decided to retire for a break hoping to sail later today......
5.7, SSE, shifting through the south to SW....choppy shoulder high waves and just great to be out riding, jumping and sailing.
A guy walking his dogs early in waterproofs with his head down into the wind and rain shouted 'it's good to be alive to me...'
I agree, just going to grab a dry wetsuit and head back in the next hour or so.......lets hope Horton can deliver too.......

Sorry alone as usual so no pics