Feels Good

Almost June and the first proper SW of the year, it has been such a long time coming. Even then it wasnt full on to start with. By the end of the session (after coxy got tricked by a lull and packed up) it got good again, decent fun waves breaking at the bar, with just Gregg and meself making the most of them. Southbourne picked up the most swell again. Tim Cox, James Cox, me and Gregg were the only ones out. No rain came through like forecast. You could get small aerials and some backloops. Greggs knackered tushie finally gave way after masses of use in El tur. He should be getting the new ones soon.


  1. what u doing up at 04:17!! If u had sailed hard enough you should have been fast asleep by 23:00!! what size sails were u on ??
    cheers ANDY

  2. 5.3's. clock must be wrong or I am in a time machine.


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