Steve Thorp - fast *#n%!!

Thorpy, the fastest man of the decade on the GPS series, how about that. This is what the allrounder inlander had to say about such shenanigans..

Fast boy(my bike friends used to call me 'fast c$nt', they liked to swear a lot, i think i prefer boy..)

Did you go so fast your hair blew off?
not yet, guess I'm not as quick as Freddy H (Fred Haywood - the orginal legend of speed)

Southend, The Ray, East course near the pier

Friday afternoon 26th March (so in the future then - that is fast!)

How windy?
Hmm. Not sure. The forecast was 23mph, but word on the beach was 39knots (on the beach). Didn't feel super windy though, although the gusts were a bit troublesome on the 5.7

What kit were you on?
A 40 wide Moo custom, 5.7 Simmer SC and a Techtonics Falcon 20. Nothing too fancy like Asymetric carbon fins or what have you, although the Moocleur board is pretty special..

How many runs?
My tracks are here...,-Southend/gps/8905#/hdopSo 13 altogether. I Didn't get started until 3.30 and it must have been dark at 5.30 ish?

Did it feel that fast?
Once things have settled down and you reach your peak speed it all feels pretty calm and easy, although still excilerating. The 'scary fast' bit is always the slingshot in though -when you're accelerating over the chop and bearing away massively overpowered. Once you're broad you can start to take it all in and relax, and watch the scenery wizz past.

What does it feel like for a Leicester boy to be fastest in the world?
It'll be nice while it lasts, but I'm going to have to pull my finger out towards the end of the year if I'm going to stay ahead of Dave and Farrell. And ofcourse the Ozzies -they had a very good year last year, hopefully this years our turn to get some wind..
The great thing about my speed though, is that I wasn't that well dialled in and I know there are faster fins, so I know there's more to come, which is great. I had been kind of stuck at 46 for a while

Have you had any talks with the Melton Mowbray pork pie company over a life long deal?
Ha. No, I quite like being 76Kgs.

How does 48knots compare to racing those motored powered bikes at 150mph?
Ah, the bikes. I did love my GixerThou, proper missile. Too much money though.
I guess it's very similer -out in the fresh air, wind rushing past, shutting out the outside world, focused concentration, treading the thin line between 'safe' and 'horrible accident'. The dusting yourselve off when it all goes wrong and hopefully having a chuckle about it.
I guess the windsurfing days are more special as we have to earn them and wait so long. Windsurfing really does rule for me, 20yrs in and I'm still learning and keener than ever.