Gower Thursday Session......

My first sail of the year and probably the 1st session in waves since December 6th!!!! Against all odds and accompanied with some very Welsh weather (rain.....) Llangenith produced the goods.

So it wasn’t classic, but it was cross shore, on the wrong tack with Stb riding which adds to the Gower variety!!! Not much variety this year........ I could only just remember how to rig my 5.2, and even then I forgot to do the Ezzy half and half mast thing which is very confusing here in Wales where ‘half and half’ is half rice, half chips-yes people do go out for curry and have half and half!!!!

I wore my mitts and didn’t need them, sailing around with my hands out of the palm holes they flapped in the wind. Am I meant to run a piece of string from one to the other through my wetsuit? Should I remove the uphaul in future and use that? The good news is that with the air temp around the magic 10 it was plenty warm enough.

Sailing with Fred, joined by Fester we had the beach to ourselves until a couple of surfers came out......plenty of space for 5.

Loads of waves-swell 7 or 8 foot on Pembroke buoy and from what I could see the guys were enjoying some riding.....

The best session of the year and 100% of 2010 going out on port!!!! (Better than SUPing-I’m a hazard in waves with a 11 foot board....)


  1. Good to hear you've broken the 2010 windsurfing curse on the Gower. Rain and not enough wind to get the kites going here in Dorset, but the kids at the Boscombe reef contest were ripping up the 1 foot slop. Tomorrow looks sunny and with a bit of more swell so will head to the Ledges with the SUPs.


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