SUP saves winter

It's been so long, November maybe. This is probably the longest time I have ever gone without windsurfing, apart from when doing snow seasons. I already missed two classic weekends of surfing with the flu. Gregg documented them on here. But without paddleboards this winter would have been a complete wash out.

Yesterday I had a great paddleboard at Kimmeridges Yellow Ledge, just two of us out, it was sunny and relatively warm. I was not even slightly cold. Clean two to three footer were coming through perfectly peeling, showing again how Kimmeridge is so perfect for paddleboarding. On Yellow ledge with a paddle board where you can link waves together it is possible to be on a wave for ages and ages. Great fun! Was hoping to go today, but forecast has changed, tomorrow has potential though. It's even forecasting 14knot NW and swell, so the bench could be windsurfable. Only thing is they seem to be firing this week.