Saturday SUP

Another day at Kimmeridge, another session on the ledges with the SUPs. This time introduced Rod to the delights of SUPing and took Colin out for a second time. It snowed as we drove through Poole but was bright and sunny as we arrived, to see clean lines coming into the bay. I gave a quick lesson on the basics and we headed out. Tried leaving Grubby out of the car, but he howled like a wounded wolf so had to come back and put him in the car. The waves were maybe chest high, a few slightly bigger ones and no one out as we paddled out (a surfer joined soon after). There was a slight cross on wind, but less than yesterday and the sea state was a fair bit smoother. Both Rod and Colin got onto clean unbroken waves which is pretty good going, and had long rides. Colin made friends with the surfer by dropping in. Rod behaved much better. I think both might be converts to this new sport following nearly two and a half months waiting for wind and/or temperatures above 0 degrees.

Really beautiful day, and we ended up coming in and packed up as the sun was setting. Drove home in rain and 2.5 degrees. Clyde, I think you need to rename your blog SUP Britain.


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