About Time

Well that was almost 3 months without windsurfing, Feburary made a last minute effort to produce something worth talking about. It was sunny, Friday, payday and was blowing like a badger all day. The only thing is that we all have to work now you see, which makes a problem catching the conditions.

By 3.15, Gregg the eternal student, Coxy the internet geek, and myself the bearded science teacher assembled our kit slowly at Southbourne. It was all quite alien and lots of bits were absent or didn't quite fit together like they used too. Coxy, whose last windsurf was at Margaret river went pretty much windsurfing commando, with no boots, gloves and only a twat cap, error. He froze and could not take the conditions too long. Unfortunately the wind dropped to 5.3 weather, still there were the odd wave and jumps to remind me just how much fun windsurfing is. And after the lay off, so much more up for it.

I cut some holes in my gloves (at the palms) and combined with the super skinny naish boom -revelation, no cold hands or hot hands and no forearm cramp - Amazing!