Monsters in the mist

Just back from a fantastic SUP at Kimmeridge. Walked the dog this morning and noticed that there was still some swell left over from yesterday, and no wind at all so decided to head over to K Bay and take a look. It always takes ages and you think you're bound to have missed it, and as I headed into the isle of Purbeck it was shrouded in thick fog and seemed to be quite windy onshore. However at the top of the hill looking down into the bay there was a break in the fog and nice clean lines coming in. Very hurried change into wet wetsuit and paddle out from the ramp into 4-5 foot glassy perfect waves. Quite a few surfers out and a few other SUPs on broad bench and yellow ledge. I stayed on the first wave most of the time and got some of the best waves I've ever had on a SUP. Occasionally the fog would close in so you couldn't see the cliffs, and had to strain your eyes to pick out the big sets looming through the murk. Great start to the year.

lets see if I can attach the other pics from yesterday. thanks to Liz for taking them. Seems to work.