A good January for SUP

Kimmeridge was especially luvvverly yesterday for some supping action. Light cross offshore wind that held the waves up beautifully but not too much that it stopped you paddling into them. 3-4 foot and no shortage of waves. Lots of long rides both lefts and rights at Yellow Ledge and even beginning to learn how to turn the sup. if you stand right on the tail it will, if not exactly snap around, begrudgingly carve through a turn. Perfectly warm enough and really didn't want to come in.
Took these pics in about 30 seconds as we arrived in the carpark. one shows broad bench and the rest are the first ledge. Clyde surfed here on shortboard (might put some pics up later), Simon and I Supped on the next ledge down. Probably the nicest Sup i've had at Kimmeridge. Am quite surprised just how good it's been over there when the beach here has been almost flat.