What a day

After last weeks beating and a brief 40 mins on Monday I have spent all week at school stupidly busy and distracted all in one. Bloody parents evenings and meetings, then I could only sail up to 1pm on saturday as had a comitment again. Typically wind turned up at 2pm.

Today though, I actually felt for the first time since tearing my quad muscle over a year ago that I could sail next to the boys and not feel out of place. This morning was great at Avon, especially the last 5 minutes where myself and Aggy were out to sea in torrential rain and 60 knot squall just lying in the water again wondering where the beach was. Some super windy fun waveriding at Avon. It then went Westerly and the plan was to meet Coxy who had Hunty, Jamie Hancock and JC on the way. I got to Boscombe first, Coxy turned up in his one seater Megane Scenic and Handjob in the biggest 4x4 long wheel based pick up this side of texas. Some bank somewhere must have been feeling short of money.

It looked amazing going down the hill, blue skies seas and decent waves. Boscombe is a pretty challenging place to sail, hard punchy waves a pier in the way, a big rip and add to this solid logo sometimes a bit more and maxed 4.2 weather and there is going to be a lot going on. These boys can jump too, there was whooping coming from the pier. Coxy opened the account with a series of huge backloops. The waveriding was solid and the sets really powerful, it was great. Plus I think I landed my highest ever backie, just as I thought it was time to come down I must have got a gust and got pushed up again. I landed with my boom almost underwater. Also saw Hancock get a sweet taka. Maybe JC gotta shot of me-- who knows stranger things have happened.


  1. See, told you I missed it. Bugger, bollocks etc...

  2. You guys need to get down the Gower, we've had classic oxwich 2 weekends in a row now. A 24 ft swell equating to 1/2 mast high super clean lines with nicely powered on the 4.7. It really does not get much better. Rich


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