Somewhere between 50 and 8 knots

Just back from a truly awful attempt at windsurfing at Boscombe. Great waves coming in but with the wind gusting around sod all to 50 knots and not staying the same for more than one run it was rather hard to get anywhere near them. Boscombe does have a nice bowly section just upwind of the end of the pier that gets beautifully steep for back loops which kind of made my session with three nice jumps. It would have done if I'd landed them anyway. And three jumps and maybe 1 wave is a poor return for two hours dodging the showers and changing boards to try and get a decent sail in. Probably the most crap sail I've had this autumn, and I've had plenty. Cold hands too. Colin turned up to reassure himself he made the right decision to stay at home looking at porn on the net, and took some pics. The first doesn't do justice to the waves, but the new Boscombe anemometer seems to be working!
In case anyone's wondering, the reef wasn't.


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