Saturday 21 November

Quick splash and dash at Avon in a howling southerly that never quite lived up to the promise. Clyde rigged up and got in his wetsuit only to change his mind and not go in the water. I arrived after he'd left and rigged up in the rain (5.3 and 90l fsw). I like Avon when it's a bit onshore, it pushes a bit more oomph into the waves which they don't often have when it's more south westerly. Colin arrived just as the wind was increasing and didn't do his stretching, hence putting his back out of joint. Then the wind dropped and the rain started, washing away most of Christchurch. Derigged in yet another flood of biblical proportions. Dog wouldn't get out of the car. Wussy mut.

A good little session in the end, didn't manage to land much (still 5:1 on the race to a hundred backloops, although I nearly put a couple more in the back of the net), but good to get out. And the forecast keeps on delivering.

Just for the record as well, I should mention Pagham earlier this week. That was fun too, really good jumping and it looked like it might be fantastic with great looking waves and wall to wall sunshine. Waves ended up being a bit too slack for riding though. Somehow Rod managed to send me a picture (odd, since he was at Weymouth).


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