Meaty Bournemouth

That was soo cold, coldest hands by far of the season this side of summer, proper hot hands. Got to Southbourne at 9.30 it was sunny and looked like 4.2 weather. The Dunnett arrived without his 4.2 and only a 4.7. Decided that you cant go out on a 4.2 when your mate is on a 4.7, what kind of a man would people think I am. Plus it was bloody freezing so on the off chance it should drop like bigsalty said it would, 4.7 it was. Charlie then came by from up the road and offered to take some pictures. He is an ex pro snowboarder so has good camera skills. Glad he offered because he took some good pictures to sum up the morning. Enjoyable session, whole load of difference in how much you can grip onto the boom now the cold has come. Some big chunky bowling sections to get your fin round though!