Eye of the Low

Today's forecast has changed more times than an Italian government. Seems that Mondays came in anyway. Loads of rain, inbetween loads of wind and then shit loads of rain, then more wind, then no wind, then hail, then shitloads of wind again. It seems that every Sunday I come up the beach and proclaim that i have never sailed in so much wind!

Also spent a long time in the van procrastinating, first with Coxy, then with Rod and Coxy. Then with Gregg, Coxy and Rod and finally with Grubby. It looked grim, brown shit coloured water from all of Dorset flooding out of the Avon because of the floods - not all of the shit, although I am sure that Dorset is capable of doing a lot of it. Then there was some guy lost to sea that we were waiting for with the usual should we or shouldnt we call the RNLI - could you live with the guilt and finallly waves that you couldnt tell if they were good or not. In the end they were pretty good, they were better up on the outside sand bar, outside the harbour somewhere. Highlight of the day for me was my tweaked inverted table top forward that started off with all intents and purposes as a normal forward because Liz was watching, shame I got hit by a nuclear gust just at the critical stage. Then there was the hail storm that I got caught out in, ouch and brrr and ouch all at the same time.