Ledges - real reefs!

I had suspicions that the ledges could be good today. My best windsurfs at Kimmerdige Bay have always been in a SE wind, although the forecast of 10knots didn't really seem quite enough. But with the swell forecast the surfing would be great. I managed to persuade Colin Bainbridge to come along. As you can see the waves were spot on, big clean and glassy but there was not really enough wind. It was a struggle to get out on a 5.7 and freewave 95 and uphaul rope. Towards the end I was struggling to tack, but the waves I caught were definately worth it, super clean and some quite hollow. By the end the wind had gone to nothing so I squeezed an hour of surfing perfect lefts in before dusk. More of the same later in the week I think. The waves were also breaking really well in the bay for paddleboarding.

The light was directly in front of the camera. Below at Dusks. Thanks to Colin for taking the shots.

Just two images, the bottom one on the way to the reef, on arrival to Ledges at Kbay