Continental October

Yesterday was a strange day. Again it was a double high so we thought it best to check out Boscombe once more in hope that maybe some swell would break over the reef. This is the view of the pier side. Boscombe was stupid busy, no where to park and a land train causing all sorts of havoc. Instead it was back to Southbourne which was ok, if you managed to time a gust and wave ok. We thought it would be fun to test a few old and new boards together of different styles, to make the sailing more interesting.

Boscombe Reef up above, somewhere between the red buoys..

An aerial from me to finish the day, did I land it back in, nooo course not.

We had an interesting line up of boards yesterday, the 2010 freewave 95, a 2005 86, 2008 allwave 82 and RRD twin. Greggs beloved evo and newwave twin 86 didnt make it out of the van. Definately had the most fun on the freestyle waves, the 82 was preferred to the old 86. Not a day for the RRD, it got in several beaches down and was a spectator most of the time. Talking of the Evo, seems to me quite a strange decision for Starboard to ditch the evo. Prediction is that it will be back before soon. Is a quad only waveboard going to be versatile enough for UK waves?

Naish 5.3 of a couple of years back still doing the job nicely

This is a great picture of Gregg on the Fanatic FSW 95, especially for such a marginal day. Seems to me to be better than some mag test shots.

drop in..

Gregg loves his onshure riding.

Gregg managed to get some great pictures for the camera on Colin's old freestyle wave, despite claiming it felt like a dog of a board compared to the 2010 Fanatic Freestyle wave. Remember that this 85 was a test winner with the Gregg and the Boards test team some 5 years back when they were in Jeri. Shows just how far newer boards have come, Gregg the master of onshore waveriding, couldn't turn it for toffee at first. Still it goes like a rocketship, so not all bad.

If only this was the multi-million pound reef, instead it is the good old old sea wall off the Bistro on the beach which has caused a shallow sand reef at Southbourne, which makes Southbourne so good at a lower tide.
Wednesday shows some promise of swell around here, it could be the day for the reef. More of a surfing one though, let's hope.


  1. Hi Clyde

    Interesting report about the kit!

    So does the 95FW actually work well as a large wave board you think...when i saw it in the shops i thought it too wide to turn, but maybe it has a good rocker? Any thoughts on this compared to eg a mistral twinny 93?

    How come you select the icons compared to missions...any specific reason?

    Cheers fella!

  2. It seems to work surprsingly well. Colin kept calling it a big wave board. I know what you mean though, when I first got it I thought it looked very freestyle orientated. Different story on the water, it is really smooth and comfortable and for a board it's size really good for the sort of south coast wave riding we do,I was very surprised. Compared to a twin, I don't know really. I have a feeling that unless you have decent real waves and light winds a big wave twin is not what you want around here. I have the 86 as it is and it feels like a higher wind board. The great thing about this FSW board was early planing and speed to get upwind and into the waves. The RRD twin we had out yesterday (82) is quite big but barely got going to even sail amongst the breakers. With the Icons, not sure, they are the ones I've always had - I like the power and they seem strong! Thorpy changed to missions and liked them.


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