Boscombe - surfing capital of the world

Quick report from the all new and amazing reef. Today was windy, but with not that much swell coming through, following a week long forecast of epic swell. The tides were all wrong for Southbourne with high tide all day, so we headed to Boscombe to check out the reef, which is all finished and ready to be opened (but not quite opened as the council are waiting for it to work so they can do the official launch). On today's evidence it could be quite a long wait. It does, being fair, cause the waves to break, but the size of the take off area is very small, and it tends to produce a really weird confusion of waves all going in different directions, rather than the beautiful peeling wave that we saw in the wave tanks of the designers. Obviously that's with a lot of wind on it, and it could yet perform in good conditions, but I'm running out of faith that it's going to develop into an awesome windsurfing spot. The bodyboarders seem to like it though, and I did catch a fish there on the SUP the other day.

Other than that, a nice day's windsurfing with a few waves coming through to make things interesting. Clyde should be along in a minute to post some photos.