Kimmeridge - popular with ABBA fans

Clyde's first day back at school today so it would be rude not to post an update on his blog about how I (and about 25 other unemployed or underemployed windsurfers) spend the entire day at Kimmeridge. Weird day though. I seemed to be out of sync with the weather. Arrived and rigged a 4.7 just as the wind dropped. Perservered for a while then came in and changed up. Wind dropped even more. Came back in a got bigger board, wind got up to 4.7 weather. Came in and changed down and wind dropped etc... etc...

After about 4 hours of rigging (literally) including a small sulk midway through when Grubby ate my sandwiches again, I finally got a nice little sail in, although I was knackered by then. Funny how your perception of how good a sail was depends so much on how well you feel you sailed personally. Based on that it was rubbish today! Back loop score - nil points.

One interesting thing. I got talking to Roger Turner, ex photographer and drummer from Queen*, and now one of the gang behind the Access Broad Bench Assossiation, campaigning for a deal between the army and us surfers and windsurfers so that access to sail Broad Bench can be maximised. I'd originally been quite wary of this campaign. I'd got the impression it was a bunch of surfers whinging about the army which didn't exactly cast us in a good light while many soldiers are dying. However after speaking to Roger for a few minutes I changed my mind. They're not anti army, just asking that this far corner of the range isn't closed unneccesarily. In fact many of the campaigners are from the army. So I've joined them and put a large ABBA sticker on my car. Not that sure about the sticker though, close up you can see what it's all about but I suspect that people behind me in traffic jams will just think I'm really keen on 70s swedish pop.

Oh well. Actually this all happened yesterday, but I was too tired to post anything then. Now (8.00am on Friday) we're all back off to Kbay again with a strong west forecast. Clyde is off to school again.

* That might be a different Roger Turner actually.


  1. not the sandwiches again! i can't believe it!


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