Fine Down the Line

Well it's not all bad, Kimmeridge must have been good. By the time I got to Southbourne, the sight was pretty good WNW so gusty, but on set some big long peeling waves coming in!

Was well powered on first run out, got a side shore wave and then Coxy came out. Then the wind went all over the place, but the waves were powerful and big enough to tack on and wave ride. The last wave I got was getting onto way over logo high and felt pretty good on the twin fin. I then got greedy went out back for one last one, despite the wind only being under the cloud. The wind dropped to nothing and I just sat in the water, not being able to get on the board for 50 minutes, until a seagull sent by the RNLI flew by, flapped its wings and gave me a slight gust big enough to sink in, somewhere on Hengistbury Head.

Roger Taylor was Queen's Drummer...


  1. Yep, you're right. Apologies to both Rogers.


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