010 Fanatic Twins

Just got my new Fanatic Newwave twintoday and it almost looked like I was going to be able to use it, if the delivery man had not turned up 3 hours too late. It looks really good, and I'm very excited about using it, since not yet windsurfed on a twin.

This model is the 86 litre one, although compared to the 82 RRd it looks a bit smaller. It's the same width as my fave board the allwave 82 at 57.5 wide which I am now selling for £450 if anyone is interested. However whilst the bottom shape looks fairly similar with a bit of dc/vee towards the back and single concave upfront, the plan shape is nothing like the allwave, and quite similar to the Kauli Pro 82 I used to have, a great board well ahead of it's time!
Also new is the Freewave 96, very different to the old one, pintail, slightly shorter, a more wavey outline with quite tucked rails and wider upfront, but looks to have a slightly flatter rocker line.

Every Blog needs a dog! Grubby doing more illegal fence jumping.


  1. You shouldn't jump over that fence. I'll be telling the council about this. I already told that old one with the fancy pants audi. Tsk tsk tsk.

  2. Fence jumping is illegal. Please keep your dog on a leash!


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