old meets new

Turned up to Avon the other day to find some bloke styling it on a 1980's storm sail and an original Mistral Hookipa.
His wetsuit was held together by salt and seaweed, and
he was pulling off some cool old skool stunts, sparring with Thorpedo on his Simmers and state of the art
Tabou twin fin..


  1. Haha, yeah he ripped! He was telling me he 'dropped in' on Bjorn at the '89 World Cup at Gwithian, so he's obviously been doing it a while! and it showed.
    Seemed to be doing a great job of controlling that sail -at times I was fully lit on the 4.5, then there was zero wind on the inside.
    Mistral Stinger too I think, not exactely an easy board for stunts either!

  2. Funniest thing was he seemed to know all the new stuff. I couldnt help thinking that just for a few bob he could have been on semi-new kit! Maybe it's noot his style!


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