Lack of on water action forces arty shots

Clyde rushed to the beach quite late last night assuring me that the waves were great and there would be plenty for my 5.3. This was while he was rigging his 5.7 and setting it very baggy. I suspected his keenness might be a result of his going to France on a school trip next week while an excellent forecast for the UK lined itself up. I was slightly dubious and decided to watch him on his 5.7 first and take a few snaps. As you may imagine the action was immense, with some uber smooth beach starts and even a couple of tacks. I was forced to get all arty with the camera until I got bored and wandered off.

the Beast of Southbourne savages another bottle.

If you look (very) closely you can see that Clyde is actually on a wave in this shot. Obviously i could have used the zoom but wasn't given proper instruction in the use of the camera.
I like this shot. very arty. Check the seagull sitting on the end of the groyne...

Clyde absolutely not climbing over the illegal fence.