Unexpected treat today. I wasn’t expecting to sail as my car was booked in for its MOT in the morning. Despite some last minute cramming last night I wasn’t expected it to pass. There was some good news though as it failed quicker than expected and I was able to leave for Kimmeridge by 11 (it’s still got a few days on the old MOT, honest).

It’s such a lovely looking place to sail. Head to a bit bigger high waves on the ledges, a bit onshore but good for the odd waveride and a few back loops, just powered up on a 5.3 and 90 FSW. Sailed until I spooned my knee landing one a bit flat and then took a few shots of Rod. He later told me he first sailed KBay in 1983 with Dave Hackford. I wasn’t even born then!*

Obviously I’m updating the blog because Clyde is still marooned in France babysitting hundreds of teenagers intent on downing pints of red wine and sucking each other’s faces off.

(*blatant lie)