Boys are back in town..

July 09 is last years June.. What a great weekend, for the first time in a long time all the Southbourne 'neo' locals were in one spot at the same time. Everyone has been on various secondments due to various fatherhood or recession based city work places. Yesterday Southbourne produced some decent sized waves
helped along by 4.2 weather with some 40knot
gusts later in the day. Maybe inspired by the pozo competition, James Cox, Gregg Dunnett,
Simon Cox, Tim Cox, Colin Bainbridge were loving it.
James was getting some stupid height on
stalled forwards crash landing just 2 metres
away from me on one of them.
After checking some of the other local breaks, wavejam star Steve Thorp joined up to get involved in the Southbourne dumpers, pulling off a nice 360 on a good logo section.