Boscombe Reef Windsurfing

Yesterday we windsurfed on the unfinished Boscombe Reef. I had been waiting for the supposed wind to get up all day, it never really showed. Still Gregg Dunnett and myself did an evening sweep of all the Bournemouth beaches from Avon to Sandbanks and it looked pretty rubbish, onshore and not as windy as it felt. Driving back along the cliff top there was a bit of swell and a small breaking wave on the unfinished reef. Decision made.
Considering how crap it was everywhere else the windsurfing was good. Well powered on 5.3-5.7 there was a steep enough wave breaking on the reef allowing for some looping and a bit of a wave ride. I reckon this place is going to have a lot of potential for windsurfing. Jumping wise you can get a really long run up before hitting the ramp. Windy today so going to try and get some pictures.


  1. Many surfers out? How did they take it/you?


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