Just reading the new boardseeker edition reminded me how good the Rhosneigr wave and slalom event was.

I think the pictures don't do the day justice, just sailing in a straight line hanging on the smallest sail you could find was a challenge. Then when you are in the heat you remember you have to do the biggest jump you can to beat the competition, and then scramble around to find the best wave you can. For some reason that 10 minute heat is way more tiring than an hour of normal windsurfing. I got cramp so bad in my forearms that in the semi's I had to start wave riding hooked in. 40 knots is hard work.

One of the best heats though was Timo Mullen against Graham Woods. Everyone knows that Graham has been sailing amazingly in Tenerife. Timo though has got a reputation that he doesnt want to be tainted and he sailed all out getting some double attempts and good waves. Graham though was bearing off like a mad man to find the biggest highest waves to get height of. He has definately got the canarian way of jumping, where at the peak of the jump he boosts an extra few feet.

I have to say that most of us are now getting quite into our 30's, all apart from Jamie Hancock. Out of all the young guys I would say Graham is the only one knocking on the door of the Top pro's

Look at www.boardseeker.com for a really good rundown of the event.