How many fins?

Seems to me that there is a lot of dicussion about fins out there? Now this is from a completely inexperienced viewpoint, but how many fins do you actually need. Are people, here in the uk really going to buy quad fins, or even tri fins. These boards have never even seen the sight of a typical UK wave, where it is often choppy has hell on the outside, and a lot lighter on the inside.

I would like to have a twin fin to try out, but to be honest I havent even found the limits of my single fin. I have not yet changed the find position, or even tried different fins yet.

There was an interesting discussion around a cuppa with Nik Baker, Timo Mullen, James Cox and myself about these. Timo had a very good point, what if you break one fin, then what do you do? It's a good point. I have 3 wave boards and 4 fins between them. If I changed to Quads it would mean 16 sets. Sometimes I think you have to be realistic and face up to the idea that we are not at Hookipa or some dream brazilian location and realise that we need all the drive we can get on the seemingly rare occasions we actually get good wave riding conditions.

As for a question of grip, I am not even sure I know what that means? I do still want a twin fin to try though...