Eastern Surprise

Just when you thought there is never anywind you get a surprise. I ended up sailing for 4 hours flat on Saturday, ending up on a 5.3. Southbourne and Hengistbury Head in the South Easterly.

First session was with Tim and James Cox, doing slalom sailing. Only thing is I am on a freewave 96 and Jim on a freestyle board. Basically footstraps are in completely the wrong place. Still managed to show the boys how to properly sail broad!

Emile Kott then turned up and there were enough ramps to do some fun jumping, to make it more interested we had a competition to do the highest shuv it. Emile got pretty high on one although the landing was not pretty. Sunday was not so good, the biggest hangover of my life.


  1. your joking! I thought you had seaweed on your fin and you were heading down wind to try and get it off

  2. you mean I still went faster than you with seaweed on my fin?


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