All change at Boards mag

I guess it has been well over due, changing magazine staff. Most magazines change editors fairly regularly to stop the magazine becoming dry. The most surprising thing about this is the demise of Ian Leonard the test editor. If you have never met him he is a pretty cool guy, and well into testing kit, he is actually a bit of an oracle and Boards have blundered here in a big way.

I have done testing with Boards and Boardseeker both of a limited extent, and discussed boards with various people involved in the testing when I was that interested and to be honest the only person that will be any where near as anal and pay attention to detail to tests as Ian Leonard is actually Adrian of Boardseeker. Adrian fits the mould perfectly, but if anyone of you have known him, he does not mess with his words or take shit from anybody. I think the days of Boards having credible tests will be gone with Ian's absence.

Why has Ian gone. "Ill test as I want to test or not at all" I think is what he was saying, something to do with going lenient on some starboard products to get them adverstising.

As for replacing Bill, well, at first it seems like a dream job, but when it comes down to it, who would actually want it. Pressure to reach a new audience, attention to detail, the bitching of the windsurf industry. Dave White may have new enthusiasm and rapport with people and I am sure he will do a very good job, but no offence to Dave, he is not any younger than Bill. Seems like a chance wasted to inject some new spirit into the sport and try to not cater so much for the over middle ages.